Monday, 7 July 2008

PCLinuxOS 2007

After many years and a great deal of experimentation, I have finally found a version of Linux that I actually like. Until now I've been switching regularly between SUSE and Mandrake (Now Mandriva) with Mandriva being the best for running on low power machines (500 Mhz with 256Mb RAM) but it has become quite a large download (3 CD ISO's) and I wanted to find something smaller. I also ideally needed a Live CD so I could run it from CD first to see if all the hardware I had was compatible. Of all the ones I tried, PCLinuxOS is the best. It runs as a Live CD and is very easy to install to HD once running. It comes on one CD downloadable ISO which contains all the drivers and basic software packages including KDE and Open Office. Extra files and updates can be downloaded over an Internet connection (broadband is essential) using a utility called Synaptic which is very easy to use. PCLinusOS also contained a driver for my AOL Voyager broadband modem which made getting online much easier than with other versions of Linux I have tried. All in all, a very good version of Linux. Click here for more information.

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