Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mandriva One Spring 2008.1

I have recently changed to a slightly newer and more sprightly PC and found that PCLinuxOS didn't run very well on it (problems with sound and video) so I decided to download and run Mandriva One which can be downloaded as a single ISO for burning onto a standard CDROM. It found all my hardware including ZIP drive, card reader and sound and video worked fine. However, it lacked a driver for my Voyager 105 ADSL modem I use to logon to AOL Broadband. I downloaded the eciadsl driver from here for Mandriva:-


but it wouldn't install. Mandriva also requires the following files:-


Finally, you also need the sync files from the eciadsl website:-


However, I still couldn't get it work as I needed to be able to login as root to make changes which Mandriva won't allow me to do so I gave up and went back to PCLinuxOS and tried to rectify the problems it was giving me on my new machine - more on that another time.

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