Friday, 11 July 2008

AOL Voyager 105 Modem and PCLinuxOS 2007

The first thing is to get online. Fisrt thing I noticed was that the firewall needs a file download in order to install and run and this can only be obtained from an online download so I have to risk going online without a firewall running. Oh dear...

The eciadsl site gives a very good tutorial although there is another specific to AOL in the UK here which is very good. However, I have come across few things that it doesn't mention.

Sometimes the driver won't connect first time (hangs when trying to connect to the provider) so you need to CTRL-C and try again which usually does the trick (until you reboot). Another problem is a niceness error (I've no idea what niceness is) which can be corrected but you need to login as root (be careful what you do) and change the eciadsl-start script which is in /usr/bin/eciadsl-start and find the word nice then change the value from:-




or a similar value. This seems to stop the niceness error. You can also use the following command if you are having problems (eciadsl-stop first):-


which will give a much more verbose description of what is going on which might help diagnosis. It sometimes takes a while to synchronise (several minutes sometimes) so be patient. Once working, I could get the firewall up and running (file downloads automatically) without a need to reboot (it is called ShoreWall). The need to CTRL-C when starting eciadsl is a bit of a pain so something else for me look at. In the meantime however, it works fine.

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