Tuesday, 22 July 2008

BBC Website and RealPlayer in Linux

As a keen user of the BBC's website, I have found it very frustrating that I cannot listen to the Radio iPlayer in any version of Linux that I have tried (the TV iPlayer works fine). However, I have now found a fix in the shape of RealPLayer 11 which works fine. Go to the RealPlayer website and download the following file:-


which can be loaded with the command:-

rpm --install RealPlayer11GOLD.rpm

from a konsole. You will also need to install lsb (from Synaptic in the case of PCLinuxOS) and its associated packages. When the Radio iPlayer is invoked a seperate RealPlayer window will popup and it is this that you use to control the playback rather than the main BBC page. This has been really bugging me for a while and its great to finally get it fixed.

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