Saturday, 25 July 2009

Adventures with an Amstrad PC1512 - The Mouse

It seems that the mouse on the PC1512 is non-standard. The port it is connected to is NOT a serial port (despite looking like one) and only the Amstrad mouse can be used. It seems compatible with most programs except DOSSHELL and Windows 3.0 (yes, you can run Windows 3.0 but more on that later) both by MS. However, all is not lost as a serial mouse can be plugged into the serial port at the back (with a 25 pin to 9 pin converter) and run with an MS driver. However, the only mouse I have found that will work (PS/2 mice with 9 pin converters DON'T work) has a switch underneath marked MS/PC and works fine in MS mode (this is the same mouse I use with an Amstrad PCW16 strangely) with both DOSSHELL and Windows 3.0 (watch this space).

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